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The Catholic Research Centre

The Catholic Research Centre (CRC) is an integrated centre for research, reflection, information and formation for the Catholic Church in Malaysia. It counts Bishop Emeritus Paul Tan Chee Ing as one of its founding members. He was also the first Director of the CRC.

Founded in 1977 with the objective of helping to build up the Malaysian Catholic Church, it later consolidated its position to focus on bringing about societal awareness to the laity regarding their role in the country’s socio-politico, economic and religious rhetoric.

The Centre seeks to address complex societal issues through the lens of the teaching of the Catholic Church and the Magisterium, in a context which is understandable and accessible to all lay people. In doing so, the Centre facilitates the process of discernment of every Malaysian Catholic who wishes deeper insight and understanding into issues affecting society, and the role of Catholics within that societal fabric.

The Centre promotes and facilitates research work on a variety of topics and monitors the impact of current socio-politico situations in the country and in the Church.

Available at the Centre is information on matters relevant to the Catholic Church in Malaysia through archives, published papers, copies of official Vatican documents and books. The Centre was instrumental in the publication of the book Journey of the Catholic Church in Malaysia (1511-1996) by Sister Maureen Chew IJ, which was published in 2000.

At the Centre, we produce booklets in English and Bahasa Malaysia which promulgate the faith and offer an easy reading understanding of doctrine. These include the highly distributed volumes Straight to Catholics, and In Defense Of… as well as the IF (Information and Formation) series which number four booklets to date.

The Centre seeks to promote the growth of theological reflection among parishioners and communities by fostering more involvement in the writing and contribution of articles to the publication of the Catholic Asian News (CANews).

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