Transmitting the Faith by Joseph Asim
“Where are both of you from?” That’s a typical question we get whenever we meet someone new. And before I answer, I would always look at my wife with a smile…. then only I follow-up with our standard reply, “I’m a Bidayuh from Sarawak… she’s a Kadazan from Sabah… and he’s (our 7 year old son) from Selangor…. so that makes him a Bidazan ”
History of Devotions in the Church by Patricia Pereira
Devotions are a form of popular piety whereby the religious sense of the faithful is expressed outside of the liturgy from which they have their source and to which they lead. In the Catholic tradition, “Devotions” refers to popular prayers, rituals and pious practices used by individuals or groups to worship God or venerate Mary and the saints. Often devotions express a particular conviction about the object of the devotion: Eucharistic devotions are commonly an expression of Catholic belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist; devotions to Mary and the saints commonly express a confidence in their role as spiritual companions, guides and mediators.
Made in God's Image and Likeness by Cardinal Timothy Dolan
One of the lessons I learned from my dad was, whenever you come into a room full of people, greet everyone, and be sure to introduce yourself to those you don’t know so that they feel at home
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