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Catholic Asian News  (CANews)

The Catholic Research Centre today also concentrates its efforts on promoting growth of theological reflection among parishioners and communities by fostering more involvement  in the writing and contribution of articles to the publication of the Catholic Asian News.


Mission of CANews:

i)To focus on healthy discussion within the Catholic community;

ii)To stimulate deeper reflection by developing different themes each month;

iii)To help form Catholics to be more reflective and mature in theirfaith.



A Magazine that Raises your Awareness on Theology, Spirituality and Catholic Teachings.

*CANews is published monthly, 11 issues in a year with the Dec-Jan issue being a double Bumper Issue.
The Journey Of The Catholic Church In Malaysia: 1511-1996 By Sr.Maureen K.C Chew,IJ
Stemming from a long overdue  need to have a historical record of the Malaysian Church from its beginning when Catholicism was introduced into the country with the Portuguese conquest of malacca in 1511, to its survival and growth through all the political, socio-economic, and religious changes  of the past four hunndred and eighty five years, this book  brings together the history of the catholic Church in Peninsular and East Malaysia.  
Published in 2000, this book traces the journey of the Catholic Church in Peninsular Malaysia, and Sabah and Sarawak, documenting events that shaped the Catholic Church in Malaysia and how it came to be what it is today. 
May all those who read this historical book, read also the signs of the times … to feel the same zeal which set the ‘ball rolling’ in 1511.”
(Cardinal) Soter Fernandez
Straight to Catholics (1984) / By Fr. Paul Tan Chee Ing,S.J
This book will be very handy and useful to the ‘searching’ catholic so that he “can give reasons for the hope that is in him” (1 Pt 3:15).
Recommended for all those who wish to become better informed and formed as Catholics.
In Defence Of … (1991) / By Fr. Paul Tan Chee Ing,S.J
In this book, Fr Paul Tan (Bishop Paul Tan), has undertaken to refute certain accusations thrown at Christians, to unveil the distortions of Christian beliefs, and to explain a number of the Christian teachings.
Besides helping to deepen our faith, it will also be of great help to Catholics, giving facts about  our faith which  we may not be not aware of. 
Terus Kepada Orang Katolik (1993)
Pembelaan (1995) 
Both are Bahasa Malaysia editions of “Straight to Catholics” and “In Defence Of…”


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